Poorkan Atelier presenting the artwork of Marcel R. Zargahi - Iranian-born danish painter and photographer. Fine Art, Iranian artists living in europe, modern art, painting, water color, photography, photos, pictures, art atelier, poorkan, Denmark, photograph, iranian art, persian stile. Copyright Marcel R. Zargahi Art - All Rights Reserved.

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Guest artist submission

Thank you for your interest in Poorkan Atelier. I am very pleased to review your art works for possible inclusion as the guest artist of the month.

Please note that this page is dedicated only to  Iranian artists, in order to give you and your art works a chance to be seen by people around the world as well as in Iran.

Please follow these guidelines:

E-mail your biography, art works (at least 7 images), and any other relevant information for consideration to Poorkan Atelier (you may write in Persish as well as English).

The images should comply with:

In jpg (jpeg) or gif format only

No larger than 15 x 20 centimeters

No smaller than 7 x 10 centimeters

72 dpi resolution

Send the images individually and not as a zip or any other kind of file to:


If your art works passes the criteria, you will receive an e-mail for further information such as submission time etc.

Thank you

Copyright Poorkan Atelier - All Rights Reserved.